A Look at Hermanos Gutiérrez and ‘Amor Profundo’

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“We want to connect with the music, with whomever, wherever, in whatever situation, and if we can share this sound and be there while they’re listening, that is our gift.”

Brothers Alejandro and Stephan Gutiérrez form the two-piece band Hermanos Gutiérrez, creating grandiose compositions that give new life to the sounds they treasure. Among their inspirations are classic Latin and South American music from the ‘50s, ‘60s, and ‘70s, like their grandfather’s favorite song, “Nuestro Juramento,” a classic by Julio Jaramillo.

The band will perform for the first time in the U.S. at the 2022 Lightning In A Bottle music festival in California.

I spoke with Alejandro, who connected with me from Zürich, to talk about the band’s music and their newest single, “Amor Profundo.”

Brothers Alejandro and Stephan Gutiérrez ofthe two-piece band Hermanos Gutiérrez

Hermanos Gutiérrez grew up within Ecuadorian and Swiss cultures and their band name is inspired by other sibling groups like Los Hermanos Lebron and Santo & Johnny. The band plays the most wonderful sounds with a compact, understated setup that consists of one guitar, one lap steel guitar, and some percussion. They refer to their music as “instrumental Western or desert sounds,” and even though their songs have no vocals, they convey the insightful thoughts that brought them to fruition.

The two-piece band has released four albums including Hoy Como Ayer, El Camino De Mi Alma, 8 Años, and Hijos del Sol. They started 2021 with a new single, “Esperanza,” a song echoing synergy and the idea that “we are all connected.” 

During our conversation, Alejandro explained that although they may have the initial idea about each song and what it might become, they don’t necessarily plan their music or know what the next release will be until they are in the moment. When they compose, they allow the music to guide them to what it will become. “Amor Profundo” is inspired by bolero music which they’ve mystified with a brooding yet alluring atmosphere.

“With ‘Amor Profundo’ we wanted to create our own type of romantic dark bolero—a new journey with us,” Alejandro said. “Guided by our own neon lettering we wish to create this fictional place called ‘Amor Profundo’ where the song takes place. It’s about direction and journey, following our intuition and love.”

The song is moody and danceable. 

I adore the fact that each of the band’s albums and singles is so unique and yet they all flow together so effortlessly. At the same time, they each have that particular sound—that western, twangy accent—but there is always a Latin American essence. 

I like being able to listen to these songs and have them paint a landscape of my choosing. Hermanos Gutiérrez write stories without words and that is simply beautiful.

Aquí, mi conversatorio con Alejandro de Hermanos Gutiérrez.

For more information on the band’s upcoming album, visit their website. In the meantime, they’ve released a compilation album, Eternamente, featuring 12 of their best songs from across their current discography.


Featured image courtesy of Hermanos Gutiérrez

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