Activists Storm Goldman Sachs [VIDEO]

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New York – On Wednesday around 40 activists and victims of the foreclosure crisis took over Goldman Sachs lobby to protest the banks’ growing influence on the United States government. The activists and a photographer with press badge were met with a disproportionate use of force by NYPD officers and Goldman’s private security forces, which groped, pushed and choked peaceful protesters.

BREAKING: New York residents are taking over Goldman Sachs' lobby to call out how Goldman has taken over our government. #ResistTrump & #GovernmentSachs

Posted by New York Communities for Change on Wednesday, January 4, 2017


Under the banner #GovernmentSachs, participants chanted and called out Goldman Sachs for its role in the foreclosure crisis and the extraction of wealth from low-income and middle-income families across America.

The protest at Goldman Sachs’ headquarters, the first at Goldman since President-elect Trump’s appointments, is part of a growing resistance against the incoming Trump administration and his appointees, many of whom come directly from Goldman Sachs.

Activists called out Goldman for the disproportionate use of force and announced an encampment beginning on January 17 and leading up to Inauguration Day (January 20).

“I got pushed and shoved for calling for a meeting with Donald Trump at Goldman Sachs. My friend was choked, that is unacceptable,” said Jean Sassine, a Queens resident.

I lost my job and almost lost my home due to the foreclosure crisis that was created by Goldman executives. We can’t back down now. We’ll be back on January 17th at Goldman Sachs and take over their offices until they end this heinous takeover of our government.

For more information, visit New York Communities for Change.


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