Daniela and Lorena Millan: Designing Artistic Jewelry For All

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Daniela Millan Designs was born as a jewelry brand in 2009 when Lorena and Daniela Millan decided to take the plunge. Their passion for art pieces, originality and simplicity are important to the brand. Daniela is the head designer and manages the jewelry production. Lorena plans and executes the marketing and sales strategies as well as the advertising campaigns. They both ensure quality control of the final jewelry pieces at their studio.

For us, community equity building, and profits with purpose, are really important. We are a female driven venture. We want to make sure that every woman that works with us is able to have flexible hours, training and benefits that will help them achieve the same level of empowerment that we have been able to accomplish and that is an incredibly rewarding experience. By following some of the basic principles of fair trade and what we were taught in our families, building the partnerships that we need to create our jewelry is easier. The employees become true partners, and their commitment far from being empty promises becomes actual examples of high quality and unique craftsmanship.

Daniela Millan Designs exquisite pieces are created to be trendy, highly original, and unique. The combination of semi-precious stones with artistic wires is tasteful and different. They aim to highlight the grace and elegance of every woman. In 2011 and 2012, Daniela Millan Designs participated at the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Swim, sharing the catwalk with French Designer Veronique De La Cruz, head designer of Aquarella Swimwear Brand. In 2015, they joined Alejandro Carlin at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Mexico.

One of our motto’s is Dream Achieve Inspire. We know everything is possible and we want to send that message to everyone out there. The best way of creating a better community is starting by each of us, we need to be better every day, we need to believe we can do it, we need to dream and fight for our dreams and we need to persist with our heart until we achieve so we can inspire the people around us. We can make motivate others to do the same, so we can have not just better communities but a better country.

Ten years ago, Daniela was a private banker getting ready for success on Wall Street and Lorena, with a chemical engineering degree, was already imagining herself working on an offshore oil rig. The political ups and downs of their home country and issues in the finance sector pushed the sisters to explore their creative side. What started as a dream grew to small sales among friends and escalated when one of Daniela’s designs was selected as a finalist at the Swarovski Elements 2008 contest. This contest was a wake up call, and an important step on what would be a long and challenging path of trial and error in order to find a voice and style. Ultimately these were defined by their multicultural background. Daniela moved to Mexico City in order to work closer with the smelters and workshops where the pieces were being crafted.

In speaking with Enclave, the explained what Project American Dreams means to them:

Having the possibility to partner not only with a successful platform but likely the best outlet to showcase our type of product it’s an unbeatable opportunity. For us it was really inspiring to get to know so many talented people pursuing their dreams, this experience make us feel proud of our community and what we have accomplished. One key learning element was that it’s not only about having a great product, with a great project behind it, we also have to be compelling in how we pitch our product to different platforms and to a more diversified audience.

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