Eduard Gevorkyan Enlightens Remotes with His Power+ pin

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Eduard Gevorkyan At the young age of 24, an avid chess player and martial artist, Eduard has already started his own company and sold his first patent. When he met Pilar and José, inventors of the Power+, he was invited to be a part of their team and to head every negotiation process for this innovative product.

In speaking with Enclave, Eduard explains his motivation to become a leader:


   I always say that the every person could be whatever he/she wants to be, but it´s certainly that there are people that has more facilities to be a writer, a scientist, a doctor— and finally, a leader. I always differentiated two concepts: the boss and the leader, a lot of people don’t see the difference, but I do. In every team I stayed I tried to be the leader and not the boss, so It would be a pleasure to be a community leader.



Eduard feels the Power+ helps solve a daily problem of not being able to see your remote at night and is excited to bring this product from Spain to the American market. Power + is the pin for the remote controls, that make your life easier. It gives you an opportunity to watch TV more comfortable, you must not have your lights on to change the channel, so you are not bother anybody with the light if you want to continue watching TV while your couple, family or friend are sleeping.



As a child, Eduard was always full of creative ideas whose inspiration is Nicholas Tesla. Confident of the solid cohesiveness of the Power+pin team, whose customer service aim is to always make sure every customer is satisfied with their purchase and doesn’t ever regret their purchase, he promises to work his hardest to meet the expectation of every backer. Winning Project American Dreams to Eduard means being able to create more visibility for this product by introducing Power+pin to not only more buyers but also more investors and businessmen.


Project American Dreams for me is the one of the biggest opportunities to show to the world our invention, also It´s a great opportunity to know another entrepreneurs like me with which I can share my experiences and ideas. Also having such a great mentor as Ervin Blanco is a great, cause I´m sure that making contacts like him and another mentors it could open me some doors. And finally American Dreams is hard competition where you can demonstrate to the world the your product is really essentially in our daily life.


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