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It was late July, those days in Chicago when summer is past its prime and everybody’s waiting around for a bit of fun. I was sitting on the concrete steps out back watching him at the grill.

You’re burning those burgers, bruh.

Naw, watch. The outsides’ll be a little burnt but the insides’ll be perfect.

Yeah but we can still taste the outside and it’ll taste burnt as hell.

Cajun-style. He laughed.

I smiled at him, salty droplets sparkling on his broad brown forehead.

You wanna man the grill then?

Nigga. I’m a guest.

I took a swig of my Makers Mark and Dr. Pepper. His two huskies pawed at an old dead possum, above them the cicadas were singing at full pitch as warm wind blew through the green leaves like hot breath.

He looked up at the sky. Big puffy white mountains slowly rising, swelling.

Looks like it’s gonna rain.

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Hector is the founder and editor of MANO as well as the host of the LATINISH podcast. A Chicagoan living in Las Vegas, he's also the senior editor of Latino Rebels, part of Futuro Media, as well as a former managing editor of Gozamos, an art-activism site based in his home town. He was a columnist at RedEye, a Tribune-owned daily geared toward millennials. His work has been mentioned by The New Yorker, Good Morning America, TIME, the Washington Post, and other outlets, and his writing was featured in 'Ricanstruction, 'a comic book anthology whose proceeds went toward recovery efforts in Puerto Rico. He studied history at the University of Illinois-Chicago where his concentration was on ethnic relations in the United States.

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