Frances Prado: Latina Reveals Her ‘Hanging Secrets’

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Frances Prado, CEO of Ageless Beautiful Clever Creations Corp, wants to provide a positive influence to young Latinas that will help pave the way to more female inventors  and further combat gender inequality. And so she invented Hanging Secrets Travel, a bra and lingerie organizer that protect bras while traveling. The unique bra shape windows help protect the bra shape. It can hold up to four bras and six panties. The back side has multiple zipper pockets that hold travel essentials.  Her inspiration comes from helping others; giving back to the community. The first recipients of Hanging Secrets were breast cancer survivors.

Frances is the daughter of Mexican immigrants who began their lives in the United States in 1963 as field workers equipped with determination, courage and the desire to provide a better life for their family. In order to help support this dream, she worked in the fields picking produce in Bakersfield alongside her family. At the time, she did not realize the great impact working in dirt with my parents would have on her but it was the work ethic and goal setting developed at a young age by a father who always made sure they were the first ones in the field and the last to leave. No matter what, she was taught to persevere because giving up was never an option. At one point the family was homeless and slept in the trunk of their family car. Despite the odds stacked against them, they never ever gave up.

For me, a community can be found in joining Hispanic Chamber of Ecommerce, one among many organizations where women support each other with their marketing, references and spotlights. It’s a network where contacts are being shared, enabling inventors and entrepreneurs to connect. It’s all about paying it forward. Giving back to the community and supporting causes that you truly care about. It’s a part of our responsibility as an entrepreneur.


It is that determination engraved into her family’s values that drove Frances through the years and when her kids left for college, she began to feel empty nest syndrome. Determined to work her way through it by cleaning and organizing she had an Aha Moment while organizing her drawers. “What does every woman wear and need? Something to organize and protect their bras and panties! Beautiful intimate apparel, meant to provide luxury and empower women, is too often moved from the delicate pink bags they come in and shoved into a drawer only to be forgotten and eventually damaged.

In speaking with Enclave Frances explains her advice for inventors and entrepreneurs:

Inventors, in this life of business, you will need to learn how to sell not only a product that will benefit others, but also how to sell yourself which is why you must give value in all that you create as well as yourself. Understand that knowledge is power and with this power you will be continuously improving yourself, your product and your business –not matter what stage of development you’re in.

Frances’ inspiration comes from helping others. Her company always strives to give back to the community in everything. From the beginning, they were adamant to ensure who the first recipients of Hanging Secrets were breast cancer survivors. She is committed to supporting organizations that assist breast cancer survivors and donates a percentage of company proceeds to a fund that assists low-income or uninsured women by providing free products and services. She is excited about participating in a competition of this caliber for Latino entrepreneurs. To her this is a grand opportunity and platform to spotlight the creativity, talents, innovations and entrepreneurship spirit with Latino warmth and hopes Project American Dreams will not only inspire the Latino community but also prove to the US economy the Latino market contribution.

What I found to be very inspiring was being in a room full of passion and creativity with the cariño Latinos in unity. The synergy from our collective dreams was powerful. The fact that Project American Dreams was lending us their gracious and significant support for our innovations with their time and resources was exhilarating. I felt that we were all that much closer to achieving a common goal rather than competing against one another.

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