Juan Daniel Rodríguez Keeps Our Closets Organized

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Juan Daniel Rodríguez came to the U.S. 18 years ago from Colombia in search of better opportunities. With a degree in Marketing and Advertising, Juan Daniel worked a full time but his creativity and innovative mind always led him to see opportunities to improve how things could work or look better. He would always modify the items that he bought for himself or the home to make it work better.

Our culture is a culture of high moral and values, and we have the good reputation of hard working people. I treasure that.

One day, trying to  organize his belts and hats he decided to make my his organizer by cutting a ring of a towel hanger and the retractable part of a carabiner ring and  attaching them. After using his  home made organizer for a while, his wife asked him to make three more, for her purses, scarves and bracelets. They soon realized there was no product on the market comparable to the Ring Hanger Organizer so Juan Daniel applied for a provisional patent through the USPO. He now has two patents under patent pending status and is trying to bring his idea to the next level and make his American dream reality.

In speaking with Enclave Juan explains what inspires him the most:

What inspires me the most of Project American Dreams is the support and endless help provide by the organizers. What I hope to learn from this experience is to be able to get the knowledge and expertise to handle in the future new potential customers in a more effective way. I believe that if you become a good entrepreneur automatically you become a good leader, serving one way or another our communities.

The Ring Hanger has the capability of organizing a plurality of articles (belts, scarves, ties, purses, hardware etc.,) in a hanging position, and more particularly but not exclusively on a hook, closet or hanger rod. The Ring Hanger solves the problem of removing  unwanted items from  while saving space.

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