Locos Por Juana Drops New Album ‘Crazy for Jane’ with Rock the Moon!

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Miami, FL — Miami’s own GRAMMY® and Latin GRAMMY® nominated reggae fusion band Locos Por Juana drops Crazy for Jane their 6th studio album via Rock the Moon. The new release includes the critically acclaimed hit singles, “Crazy for Jane” ft. Common Kings, “Don’t Tell Me No” ft. Freddie McGuire, and “Children of the Light.” Crazy for Jane will be available everywhere you stream music today.



Taking Locos Por Juana back to their reggae and cumbia roots, the new album embracing their bi-lingual heritage and is stack with stellar songs. The title of the new album Crazy for Jane is also the first track, the band wrote, lead single, and features the amazing reggae group Common Kings. It has a special message for the fans as Mark Kondrat, Guitarist, explains, “Locos por Juana translates directly to Crazy for Jane from Spanish to English. It’s always a question we get from new fans and old fans, what does Locos por Juana mean and why did you name the band locos por Juana? I think for our English speaking fans it gives them a chance to feel more part of the music and also gives an explanation or at least a translation for the band’s name.”

The band is comprised of Itawe Correa, the charismatic lead vocalist, Mark Kondrat, talented guitarist, Javier Delgado, innovative drummer, and David Pransky, electrifying bass player. For the new album, Crazy for Jane, they found inspiration from everyday life.  Mark mentions, “We make music because music heals us and we use every day and the experiences from those moments when we write.” He adds, “Life, our family, Situations we find ourselves in, our life goals and mission as well as our destiny is all the inspiration we needed for the new album, Crazy for Jane.”

Creating the track for Freddie McGregor was an amazing experience for the band. Mark reflects, “I knew I wanted to write in a Lovers Rock style, which is essentially a reggae love song. I spent 3-4 days writing an instrumental that just wasn’t coming to life so I decided to put that aside and started writing something fresh and wrote the entire instrumental in one session. The next day I presented the track to Itawe and he wrote the chorus almost as soon as he heard the music.” He continues, “This song was inspired by love and perseverance. The best things in life don’t come easy, and when something feels right the only answer is yes!”

Signed to the Rock the Moon, Locos Por Juana has always written and produced their own music and, in a music industry that has continuously been focused on urban genres, they represent an alternative genre of Latin and Reggae Music that cannot be boxed in by labels. With their signature, high-energy style, the band has amassed a cult following, Locos has been touring non-stop throughout the United States, and is gearing up to release their new reggae album, Crazy for Jane, dropping on July 12th.

Reflecting back, Locos Por Juana comments, “We want to take a second to thank our familia and God for all the opportunities to make music every day and to do what we love. We are happy with the collection of tracks we are presenting to the world and can’t wait to share them.”

Order Crazy for Jane here: https://empire.lnk.to/crazyforjanelpj

Track Listing:

  1. “A Light In The Morning”
  2. “La Solucion”
  3. “Don’t Tell Me No” Ft. Freddie McGregor
  4. “Roots! Roots!” Ft. ¡MayDay!
  5. “Me Dolio (Bye, Bye)”
  6. “Crazy For Jane” Ft. Common Kings
  7. “Children of the Light”
  8. “Te Quiero Tener”
  9. “Me Interesa” Ft. Maffio
  10. “Baby, Don’t Rush”

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