Monsieur Periné’s ‘Nuestra Canción’ Becomes Everyone’s Favorite Song

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Catalina García and Santiago Prieto of the band Monsieur Periné said they found out their 2016 single “Nuestra Canción” had just gone viral because they began to receive an abundance of direct messages through their Instagram page. Neither of them is much into social media platforms, so it was a new experience and something they are still not used to.

I recently connected with lead vocalist Catalina García and Santiago Prieto from their space in Bogotá to talk about their newfound fame, their new single, and what’s to come.

For fans of their swing francés bien fiesteroit’s no surprise that Monsieur Periné has become a global hit. After “Nuestra Canción” went viral on TikTok, and subsequently many other major social media sites, their NPR “Tiny Desk Concert” has now garnered more than 11 million views.

The band is currently working on a new album and has released a teaser single, “Volverte a Ver.” Although they shared some details about what’s coming, they’re keeping things hush-hush for now.

This new song was produced by Rafa Sardina and they explained it’s about love and the need to be together, especially after the lengthy social distancing that continues during this pandemic. “We all have people we love that are far away, friends, family, and partners whom we miss and want to tell that we’re here for them from the other side waiting for, thinking about, and loving them,” they say.

Aquí, mi conversatorio con Catalina y Santiago de Monsieur Periné.

Stay connected to the band through their website.

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