“Haarlem”: What Do Mexico, the Netherlands & Japan Have in Common? Roninn’s New Single

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“Musically this song is a universe of dark and mysterious places, the rawness and strength of post-punk and the energy of darkwave and synthwave.”
— Stereochip Records

The independent label Stereochip Records continues its impressive run of new releases, this time debuting the single “Haarlem” by Roninn, a Mexican synthwave/darkwave project led by Pepe Delucio. 

Roninn is currently based in Chicago. The project’s name pays tribute to filmmaker Akira Kurosawa (and samurai culture). The song, described as “a journey through dark and mysterious places,” exudes the vibrancy, and darkness, of the Netherlands city that inspired it, with its lush and deep-rooted hofjes and landscapes that have survived sieges, civil wars, and other tragedies of the Middle Ages. 

“Most of the album took place in my personal studio,” says Delucio in press material from Stereochip. “Part of it was worked on and recorded during the first part of the pandemic with support and recording advice from one of the musicians I use for this project. It was mixed and mastered by Dennis Hockaday at one of the best analog studios in the U.S., Future Apple Tree.”

We love the frenetic energy of the video for “Haarlem” and its monochrome visuals, which coalesce perfectly with Delucio’s bewitching and melancholic vocal tone. The video was directed by Delucio and Jesús Cartagena of MOK Films. 

In regards to Chicago and its music community, Delucio says:

“The local and DIY scene in Chicago is an awesome thing. Personally I sometimes play shows in medium to large venues where you get a more dense but special vibe somehow. But playing a DIY show of local bands is more intimate and honest. I like to play both sides of the coin.”

Pepe Delucio


Ronnin is a Mexican project based in Illinois. Pepe Delucio has played in several bands in the United States, mainly in Iowa, and after going through different projects he decided to form his own musical project. By then he was settled in Chicago, where he began a relationship with different bands, looking for darker sounds. He began to implement a deeper sound, reflecting melancholy in the synthesizers as it does in darkwave and synthwave, where the musical references of the project highlight the goth rock of the eighties. 

With the release of “Haarlem,” Ronnin is ready to release a full-length album. His alliance with Stereochip Records will expand his musical market to Mexico as well as solidify his music across Latin America.

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