New Music: Lester Rey & MoonDoctoR’s Sexy, Futuristic “Trepate”

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In their new single and video for “Trepate,” the sexy, futuristic take on Latine music created by artist Lester Rey and producer MoonDoctoR brings Caribbean and tropical rhythms into the modern age. The music heavyweights partnered with visual artist Diana Pietrzyk to conceptualize a previously unencountered future. The result is this sultry, tropi-futuristic wonderland where “Lester Rey is the e-boy/e-Bori singing about a sensual fantasy.” 

Lester Rey and MoonDoctoR explain that artists of color have always needed to present themselves and control the visions, narratives and displays of their own cultures in cyberpunk and futurist panoramas. This is a result of the majority of future-oriented narratives being predominantly White—Blade Runner, Star Wars, Star Trek, etc.—and any characters of color in these performances have traditionally been subordinate, not to be concerned with or seen as alien. 

“Enter Sun Ra, the ’80s, Afrofuturism, and a more modern example, Black Panther. Now we see POC taking control of their narrative or presenting it in a better light.” 

As part of Lester Rey’s insatiable creativity and commitment to exhibit Puerto Rican and Caribbean people in a variety of otherworldly scenarios, he has produced animated works like “Coqui”, album art such as the latest CCFX cover and now “Trepate.”

More About Lester Rey 

Lester Rey is a Chicago-based multi-instrumentalist, singer-songwriter, producer and fashion designer who has released several EPs including XXXcomunion, Epifania and Santuario. In 2020, Lester Rey released a collaborative EP with Nino Augustine titled De Paseo a la Luna. In early 2021, after being highlighted in the Chicago Reader’s yearly edition of “Best of Chicago,” Lester Rey teamed up with Texas-based producer MoonDoctoR to release CCFX, “an audible reflection of self that compliments mutual affinity for creating the next generation of sounds informed by their shared histories.”

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