Do Republicans Own the Future?

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The good news is that Republicans believe in elections again.

Yes, the GOP was ready to dismiss the gubernatorial race in Virginia as just another larcenous farce, but the election met with conservative approval when the Republican candidate won. You know the new governor—he was the guy who campaigned hard against cancel culture by vowing to cancel books by Black people. 

In any case, pundits are united in declaring this to be a harbinger of doom for Democrats in next year’s midterms, the presidential election in 2024, and every election for the remainder of the century. Indeed, Democrats will probably lose control of Congress in 2022, and it will certainly be devastating when Republicans take over. After all, the GOP might stonewall Biden’s agenda, in contrast to today, when everything is just sailing through and… oh wait.

Regardless, we now must endure a sick world in which Republicans are feeling giddy and optimistic. This is despite the fact that “Republican presidential candidates have won the national popular vote only once in the last 32 years,” and fell about seven million votes short just last year.

But they are all smiles, while Democrats perform their customary freak-out and wail that nobody loves them.

The problems for the Democrats are legion. These issues include a perpetually distracted president, warring factions, and an opposition party that is 100 percent focused on winning no matter the cost. But there’s no reason to believe that all is lost. 

Keep in mind that the GOP win in Virginia was just one race, and it was solely the result of “depraved cynicism and villainy and race baiting” that Democrats can easily counter by embracing their progressive wing.

Oh, but it was also the fault of progressives who “have been a dominant force in the party in Washington, playing into GOP claims that the president is hostage to far-left influences in his own party.”

Yikes—which is it?

Nobody knows. That includes me, but I’ll actually admit it.

The one thing we can say with certainty is that Democrats will continue to insist that they need white working-class voters to win. And they will persevere in the deluded belief that they can woo them back. It’s as if Democrats have generational psychological trauma. They have never gotten over Ronald Reagan stealing those voters away. It makes the rest of us say, Dude, it’s been 40 years. Time to move on.

The bitter truth is that the President has “failed to increase his approval rating with those non-college-educated White voters much, if at all… even though he’s aimed much of his rhetoric and presidential travel at them and formulated an agenda that would shower them with new government benefits.”

Clearly, the white working class just doesn’t like Democrats. It’s true that many of them agree with the Democrats’ ideas, “but they have enough other disagreements with the party that they still often vote Republican.”

The impolite way to state this is that a lot of White people are nervous about immigrants, gay people, and critical race theory, so they will continue to vote for xenophobes who love to hurl tax dollars at billionaires.

As for those few independent—or more accurately, indecisive—voters, we can question their logic of punishing Biden because he has failed to clean up Trump’s mess, while rewarding the psychopaths who almost destroyed America and are eager to try again. 

But that is the burden of voting for a Democrat. We want results.

Voting Republican, in contrast, means that you no longer care if the nation improves in any way. Hell, most conservatives support a twice-impeached incompetent who allowed thousands to die in a pandemic, wrecked the economy, and is quite vocal about obliterating the country’s very foundations if he doesn’t get his way. And they love the guy. Typical GOP voters want only to feel like their side is winning, even if everybody suffers, and this lack of concern for policy, principles, or the future of the species means that it’s pretty easy to maintain their support.

By the way, about 30 percent of Republicans “think violence might be warranted to reclaim America.” I know—what are the odds that an easily frightened group of people, who are accustomed to being in charge but are well aware that they are losing power, and who are obsessed with firearms, and who praise violence, and… well, you get the picture. It’s actually surprising that even more Republicans are not asking, When do we get to use the guns?

And remember, their vote counts just as much as yours—more actually. But that’s a whole other story.


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