‘Our Revolution’ Wants Our Help Ending the Attacks on Immigrants

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Our Revolution‘s, Political Director Erika Andiola sent this invitation for those interested in joining #OurResistance:

Dear Dreamers and all in solidarity: Many of you have been asking how you can help stop deportations and show up to support the most vulnerable under attack. I have news for you!

You can sign up to help HERE

As you might know, last year I worked in the Bernie 2016 campaign, where we were able to turn out THOUSANDS of people to rallies using amazing tools. Today, I work as the Political Director for the Our Revolution, the organization that inherited the Bernie 2016 database. We are ready to mobilize hundreds of people who Felt The Bern to show up locally against the deportations, raids, the Muslim ban, etc. Here is what you can do to help!

You can become a #ResistanceTexter and we will teach you how to use Hustle, a tool that will allow you to text hundreds of people easily and fast, recruit them to turn out… and educate them about the issue.

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