Waxploitation Releases New Compilation ‘Future Sounds Of Argentina’

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A follow-up to Waxploitation’s 2012 genre- defining compilation Future Sounds of Buenos Aires, the label returns to explore a new school of Argentinian electronic music artists creating world-wide, dance floor shattering beats that take as much from the ancestral sounds of the Andean mountains as they do from minimal techno, house, UK grime and bhangra beat.

“Argentina is one of the cradles of electronic folkloric music, and some of the most gifted musicians in the world come from this scene. It’s music people all over the world can appreciate without understanding Spanish. It’s a great pleasure for Waxploitation to do its part to highlight this scene.” –Jeff Antebi, Founder of Waxploitation


Future Sounds of Argentina is a 15 track compilation featuring musicians unafraid to create music that mixes folk with hip hop, Brazilian pop with the twang of the charango, or even Hindu instrumentation with traditional cumbia percussion. With nuance, soul and heart, these artists re-interpret digital folklorica to match their constant flux and unparalleled hunger to bridge the dated divides between North and South, city and country, folklore and pop –creating music that’s fresh, current and deeply ingenious.

Klik & Frik, the new project from digital cumbia heavyweights, Frikstailers, lead the way into the exciting evolution of Argentinian electronic music, featuring a mixture of minimal techno, psychedelia and Amazonian birdsong that promises to put the listener in a trance-like state.


“[Our music] has a foot inside the dancefloor and the other one deep in transcendental meditation. Our main concept is multiculturalism. We don’t just want to explore the possibilities of our own roots, we love to feed ourselves from other ancient cultures, making connections that historically may have seemed impossible.” – Rafa Caivano from Klik & Frik

Following their footsteps are other digital folklorica veterans like Lagartijeando (a/k/a Mati Zundel), Barrio Lindo and Camanchaca, who leave behind the frenetic nature of their earlier tracks, representing the transformation of the Buenos Aires electronic music scene –from producing straight up party bangers to creating timeless, omnivore beats that incorporate everything from charango guitar and accordion loops, quena, cumbia beats and thumping bass.

Representing a different side of Argentinian electronic music is the MC Macha Kiddo, who shows off her combative, UK grime inspired beats and urgent bars. A Costa Rican transplant, she came to Argentina in search of new sounds, getting inspired by Buenos Aires’ vibrant female MC scene.


“There are a bunch of amazing female rappers in Buenos Aires that have a big impact, not only in my music but on my life. I wanted to migrate anywhere, and make myself new.” Macha Kiddo 

FSOA also features tracks from newcomers Kaleema, Galgo & Kiki, Federico Estevez, Rumbo Tumba, and scene veterans Jin Yerei, Wenceslada, Sara Hebe, SidiRum, Barda, Madre Chicha, and Panchasila. This is the second installment of the series, that began with 2012’s Future Sounds of Buenos Aires, and included influential acts like Chancha Via Circuito, La Yegros and King Coya. FSOA is representative of Waxploitation’s commitment to helping discover and nurturing new talent, fostering collaboration and bringing to light extraordinary ideas in contemporary music.


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